May 20, 2022

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Kevyn Aucoin: A Look Into the Life of The makeup artist in bangalore to the Stars

The following line from makeup pioneer Kevyn Aucoin aptly explains the lessons of the man’s daily life “Perfection is boring. If a face doesn’t have mistakes, it’s nothing.” Rejection and violence were a constant theme in Kevin Aucoin’s childhood, but rather than give up Aucoin forged a new path for himself and later became a makeup artist of the stars.

Aucoin’s achievements are numerous. He wrote the best-selling guides to cosmetics featuring the most beautiful women in captivating makeup artist in bangalore. Aucoin was so sought-after it was possible to earn up to $10,000 from one magazine shoot. Aucoin also created an own brand of revolutionary cosmetics. But, his story of success was not without tears and sorrow.

The world of makeup always intrigued Kevyn Aucoin. When he was a kid Aucoin would spend long hours creating his sisters’ faces , and then recording the results using the help of a Polaroid camera. It was a long-lasting habit that would eventually be collaged on the inside of Making Faces, one of Aucoin’s most popular books on makeup. But in the year Aucoin began his journey towards becoming a makeup guru however, he was not as well-known. Aucoin was born within Lafayette, Louisiana, a very tolerant and tolerant city where anything sexually sexy or the slightest bit different was considered to be suspicious. When he realized it was gay, at the young age of 6, Kevyn Aucoin suffered extensive humiliation at the hands of colleagues or even his teachers. One time, a teacher slapped naked before the entire class . It was an incident that was later described by him as sexual assault. Aucoin was in school until a incident occurred in high school, during which his classmates pursued him with the help of a truck.

Kevyn Aucoin was enrolled in a beauty school after leaving high school. However, he was soon instructing the classes. He was more educated about cosmetics than the school’s instructors. His knowledge gained him a job at a counter for beauty services in downtown Lafayette however women were hesitant about the thought of a man putting makeup on their faces to pay the $30 fee for consultation. In hopes of launching the career of his different city, Aucoin moved to Baton Rouge. The move led to another incident of violence. Guards assaulted Aucoin and his buddies who were looking for cosmetics. Again, Aucoin moved – this time to New York.

The relocation into New York’s Big Apple proved fortunate for Aucoin. Vogue magazine editors stumbled upon his portfolio and the rest is, as they say, is the story of. Aucoin received steady work from Vogue At one point, he was the makeup artist for nine shoots for cover shots in succession and his renown as a makeup professional increased.

Kevyn Aucoin would go on to develop entire lines of makeup and makeup products, write top-selling makeup tutorials, and even be featured on TV shows. (A Sex and the City Episode was a show that featured Aucoin as herself.) Revlon’s revolutionary Ultima II line was of Aucoin’s designs. Aucoin also developed and released his own line that included Kevyn Aucoin makeup products. Famous faces like Cher as well as Janet Jackson clamored for Kevyn Aucoin’s amazing skills as makeup artist.

Tragically, Aucoin died at just 40 years old due to acetaminophen toxicity. The liver of Aucoin was not able to handle the massive doses of aspirin he took to fight the pain of a rare tumor in the gland. But, the makeup pioneer remains through his words and convictions. Aucoin said that “Beauty is about perception…Knowing and liking oneself.” Aucoin’s personal strength, developed through years of hardship and hardship, has inspired women of today to be dazzling, not denigrate themselves.