May 20, 2022

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How Affiliates Can Create a Video For Their Landing Page to Send Conversions Through the Roof!

A few months back, I designed an “squeeze webpage” to gather the names of prospective customers because, as that you’ve all heard, money is definitely on the mix. After spending a full day developing this squeeze page I put up the website and set up some AdWords advertisements and was waiting for the hordes of visitors who came at my site, and also the huge number of customers registrations! But, my excitement was ruined when I logged in to my autoresponder account on the following day only to discover that, despite more than 300 visits to my site , I only had one email address and name and that was it! The campaign cost me close PS60 as well as a pathetic success considering I needed at minimum 50 email addresses in order to have any chance of even getting to the point of breaking even.

The solution was simple, I needed a better landing site. It was a landing page which caught your attention readers and made them desire to subscribe to my the e-book. The product I chose for my niche was fantastic, I just had to make it more appealing. I required videos!

Why? Because it’s been proven statistically that squeeze pages that have professional and well-crafted videos are more effective in terms of conversion. It’s not a question of fact because it’s a common fact in the field of affiliate marketing.

The issue was that I’d never been interested in the creation of videos and did not know anything about it and I didn’t even know where to start. I searched the internet for a great program to help me make my own conversion-busting video but without success. This was until I talked about affiliate marketing to an expert via the internet to seek his guidance. He directed me to the site of a lesser-known website that makes amazing professional videos in the space of a few minutes instead of hours.

Not only can you make videos using texts and images and text, but it also dances on your screen according to the beat! This is truly amazing and has revolutionized my approach to creating squeeze pages online.