August 12, 2022

The Rally boasting with in-depth analysis

What is the definition of physical health? Does good health naturally mean all natural?

Let’s start with a general definition of good health. According to the WHO health definition (World Health Organization), it was published in 1948. “Health is a state that encompasses all aspects of physical, mental and social well-being, not just the absence of disease and infirmity.” If that is true, what does the definition of good physical health mean?

What is the definition of physical well-being?

Is one available?

According to the WHO definition of physical health, it is safe to assume that just because everything seems to be working normally in the absence or infirmity (weakness) or illness, that doesn’t mean that we are in good physical condition.

What do you think?

Personally, I believe that there is more to being well in the present. However, I believe that we can only guarantee the future, so if you are healthy, don’t take it for granted. Take it all in while you can.

My personal health plan is a major factor in our physical health. It all depends on how well you take care of yourself on a regular basis. This includes:

Habits of eating
How to exercise or not?
How to sleep
Spiritual habits
Habits of general living

While I don’t pretend to be an expert, pundit or zealot about any one of these, I can say that all bullet points have an impact on our physical health.

What do you think?

Good health

This definition of health is found in one dictionary:

“The general state of the body or mind, with reference to soundness/vigor: Good health; Poor health. ”

Virgil, an ancient Roman poet, said that health was the greatest asset.

Although I agree wholeheartedly, I find it a little troubling that so much emphasis is placed on physical health. It seems as though this is an exclusive aspect of all aspects of health.

Health is all about:


Each factor is affected by the “soundness, vigor” with which we pursue these factors.

It is also troubling to me that wealth is often associated with financial wealth and money.

This is not to suggest that I don’t believe in the importance of financial wealth and physical health. Both are important components of overall well-being, but they cannot be considered separate concepts.

What are your thoughts?

All Natural

One of the most successful marketing strategies ever is the “all natural” concept, particularly when it comes to food. It’s a joke if it’s not a fraud.

It doesn’t mean anything!

There is a huge difference between organic and natural. Do not confuse them and don’t believe the hype that they are the same. They’re not.

Organic is strictly regulated, at least in the context of food. It does actually mean something. It doesn’t necessarily have to be organic.

Natural can refer to almost anything. It is not regulated when it comes to the food we eat. It’s a misleading label.

Do not be deceived.

It’s okay to enjoy it. All natural is not bad. It’s just a superfluous term. It has no depth.

My formula

It all boils down for me to a few simple principles and concepts.

Best effort

These are essential. These are indispensable and cost nothing.

Next up are the five F’s

Food is more than what we eat. It includes everything we consume mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is the best way to say it: We are what we eat.
Fitness – All the five bullet points above
Finances – Affected and affected by the preceding two and the subsequent two
Fulfillment – It is about completion. This includes all of the bullet points.
Fun – It is important to understand how fun affects your health.

The 5 F’s have been tagged as components of a bulletproof lifestyle.

All of the above is important, but balance is key. Too many people are out of balance, I think. There is no one-size-fits all balancing act.

Last, but not least:

“Health nuts will feel stupid one day, lying in hospitals dying from nothing, and they’re going to be called health nuts.”